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The Best Mashed Potatoes…(IMHO)

I love mashed potatoes! Pretty sure mashed potatoes should be their own food group. I don’t think that many people would argue with the two previous statements. Where things start to get emotional is how to make the mashed potatoes. Yukon gold or Russet, peeled or unpeeled, whole or cut into pieces, heavy cream or milk, hand mashed or machine mashed…you can see how this can create some differences of opinions. I’m sure that i have tasted over a hundred versions of mashed potatoes in my 46 years as a kid, culinary student and chef and have boiled (sorry couldn’t help it, LOL) it all down to this one method and recipe as the best version of mashed potatoes that I’ve eaten. I’m sure some will say that these are technically not mashed, but a potato puree. I’m not worried about that because they are so delicious and creamy that it doesnt matter what you call them. Anybody you make these for are not going to care either.

Mashed Potatoes

5  lbs      Russet Potatoes (Also called Idaho or Baker Potatoes)

2 ½ c     Heavy Cream or Heavy Whipping Cream

½  lb       Unsalted Butter

2 T  Kosher Salt

Peel potatoes and place in a bowl or pot of cold water.

Cut the potatoes lengthwise into quarter wedges.

Place the potatoes into a pot with fresh cold water and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to a strong simmer and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked through (pierced easily with a knife) but not mushy.

Heat the cream, butter and salt in a small saucepot.

Drain the potatoes well and then rice them with either a food mill or potato ricer into a bowl or saucepot.

Add the cream mixture to the potatoes and stir until fully incorporated.

This is your base mashed potato recipe.  The options to add other flavors are endless.  We like to add roasted garlic puree, sour cream (if adding reduce the heavy cream by the same amount of sour cream used) and chives, bacon and cheddar cheese, truffle oil….

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